About Us

Hello and welcome to Cartel Cocaine Anonymous Drug Store. This is About us page that should guide and introduce you to our website. We decided to create this page because we believe that in order for us to be able to maintain trust between our customers in the proper way everything should and need’s to be transparent. Things like security of our web service, security of our customers, customer service, our history, our main and future goals.
For all of you who may ask – why we decided to create About us page after operating this shop for almost 5 years? After doing this for almost 5 years we finally found what we were looking for. And that ideology is being a “free internet” enthusiast, changing the world, making a difference. That’s what this project is all about. Making a difference in the drug world.

Why us?

Before answering this question, let’s ask you something? How many times you have been scammed online or on the darknet markets? How many times you have been selectively scammed on darknet markets? How many times you have been scammed by a vendor after 2 or 3 successful orders? How many times moderators of those markets disputed your case in favor of a vendor who scammed you?  If you are long enough in the darknet, then you by now probably know that this what I’m writing is true, if you don’t, then just try it. If you don’t believe us since you’re new to this scene we advise you to just try it. You will be one very lucky individual if you actually happen to find a reliable connection through hundreds of scammers. After you try it, we will be your choice because we will have trust in your eyes. There you go, question answered.

Security of our customers

We take your privacy and security very seriously. The stakes are high. Our freedom, your freedom. Unlike traditional markets that function more like Amazon or e-Bay style e-commerce site (and that’s wrong) we function more like Craigslist. A simple stupid website with little-to-no-features. Why you may ask? The site simplicity messaging features reduce it’s attack surface by Law Enforcement agencies. When you shop at the traditional market you are exposing yourself a lot. With us, you deposit a bitcoin to one of our address that’s not directly connected to drugs and doing so over the encrypted channels (for example, email or Wickr). In other words, we also protect your transactions by acting like a sort of Proxy. So instead of having all evidence in place, like, all statistic about orders, when you buy, what you buy, from who you buy (you have all that features on most of the markets today) we act more like a traditional drug dealing with online support than a real full-fledged marketplace. Everything has done one-on-one. For example, when you’re buying at traditional markets, it’s like you’re buying in front of Times Square. When you’re buying with us, it’s like your buying in some shady street corner where none sees anything. Besides that all vendors who vend on this website and who are a part of our team are long-time veterans . You can be sure that all products will come with high stealth measures put in place.

Security of our Website

As already said, the lack of features on this website makes it a no-target for Law Enforcement considering that even in a event of seizure, what they can seize? A picture of our products (with deleted metadata), and a text? All customer information and transactions are going through OTR (Off The Record messaging systems like email, Wickr for example) and therefore are SAFE.


Unlike traditional markets we don’t offer escrow. While the general purpose of an Escrow was to protect buyers funds it does not have any real value in the drug world. Who holds the Escrow? Market admins. Just look around how many traditional markets have Credit Card fraud listings? How can you trust someone who is allowing thieves and scammers to operate on their website? And considering how much markets exit-scam within a few months of operating, having an escrow does not provide any real protection. In most cases money will go back to vendor because if they return it to you, they will not make a  commission of sale and markets live off commissions. The idea of Escrow was good back in the SR and DPR days, but that days are long gone. So instead of an Escrow, we have Direct Deal model while this website act as a Guarantor for the buyers that their package will arrive. How? Main goal off this website is to become the largest drug market in the world. We already made a name for ourselves, and we didn’t get to where we are now by scamming someone. This whole market is based on trust you put on me as a Guarantor and I don’t take that lightly, believe me. Athough you don’t know who I am, and have no recourse if I were to betray you, I hope that as time goes on I will have more opportunities to demonstrate that my intentions are genuine and no amount of money could buy my integrity. While the money is one motivating factor for me because as most of us, I have basic need’s and most importantly the money can allow me to devote my full time for this, our cause, but money is not and will never be the primary motivation behind this project. Money corrupts people. Money force’s people to do the things they would otherwise probably not do, cheat, scam, kill, do any other harm to other people. And for what? So you can have a nice car? A golden watch? I can’t be satisfied with the cheap things like that. I will buy it, be happy for one day and then put it on the shelf and never see it again. There is no real value in money. At least not for me. The real value I have is to make something big, to make a change, to achieve something. The real value is having power to change something. I know that some of you may think that I’m trying to manipulate, and especially if you never had a joy of pursuing your own ideas and life paths but I know this is true and I’m confident that some of you will resonate with this writing. Most of my time is devoted into organizing and running this website. I don’t have a nice car and I don’t flash my money like a fool, I can say that I live probably quite modestly. Most our our money goes into expanding our infrastructure to accommodate growing demands of our market. For me, money is a tool for making changes.

Why today?

You may be asking yourself why would we start this project today, in a world where drugs are still viewed as something bad and are still prohibited by the Government? Because today we have tools that enables us to move forward and fight our own war for liberty of people, for future generations. The people that lived in the 80’s, in the midst of a drug war didn’t have the power we have today. We don’t say that we will change anything, we probably won’t, but at least we may be at least some starting point to some changes that may actually come, 30-50 years from now, and believe us, the time will come when drugs will be decriminalized. Just look at the Portugal as an example of that. That day will come, but until then we have a long road ahead. JOIN US!